More on the employers’ ‘misleading’ figures

Times Higher Education (THE) is today leading on the news that the University of Oxford has accused Universities UK of using ‘misleading’ information that underestimates the scale of cuts to staff pensions, that we also covered here earlier.

The THE reported that a working party set up by Oxford:

warns that comparisons made by UUK between the current final salary scheme and its proposals are “misleading because they assume no promotion or incremental salary increases over time”.

“We feel that we should show our staff examples based on a realistic and typical career, including the kind of promotion that they might reasonably expect,” it says.

“This would show a much greater reduction of benefits to the average academic member of staff than is shown in the UUK…examples.”

The report explains that with nearly 10,000 members Oxford has the largest number of USS members of any university, and that the university said that:

Oxford’s overall contribution costs might go down if the hybrid model was adopted because it has a high number of senior academic and research staff on higher salaries.

“This is neither desirable nor politically possible”, Oxford’s submission says, adding that it wanted to “pay our fair share towards reducing the deficit”.

You can read the THE’s full story here.