Academic related & professional staff taking action

Academic related members – librarians, technicians, managers, administrators, fundraisers, IT, marketing and many more – are dedicated professionals at the heart of our institutions. Many could earn a higher salary in the private sector but choose not to, in part because of ‘deferred pay’ in the form of their USS pension.

Academic related staff often ask if and how they can take part in action short of a strike as proposed in this ballot. The answer is, yes, all members can get involved by attending meetings and rallies, helping their branch with campaign materials, recruiting new members and raising awareness of the issues. If members are unsure whether they can be directly involved in action short of strike please contact your branch officers for advice.

The Academic Related, Professional Staff Committee ran a congress fringe meeting recently discussing and sharing ideas for ways in which academic related members can support action short of strike. To get hints and tips or share what has worked for you please email

Please spread the word, make sure your colleagues know that this affects them, and encourage them to join UCU. Only a strong union delivering a strong vote for action will give our negotiators the mandate they need to save your pension.

Now more than ever, UCU members need to stand together.  Please vote YES to strike action and YES to action short of a strike.